NKS Kicking Camps

June 22nd, 2011

The next installment 🙂

I was too slow and weighty (240lb high school soccer player who could bench 205 and no pull-ups….) to play any meaningful amount of soccer.  Bummer.  All that practice wasted, until I decided to just stop the running part 🙂  I was GREAT at kicking the ball.  So Football Kicker here I come!  Two years at Edmonds-Woodway, All-Conference Honors and whatnot later I went to college to do it also.  During the summers I went to National Kicking Service summer kicking camp with Gene Muriaty and Jim Powers.  The first year I went I got voted most improved (i.e. I showed up all jacked up) the next year I went I won best kicker at the camp (71 yard feild goal) and the 3rd year I was a coach!  This was a great experience for me and my first time coaching.  The best part… we did slow motion video analysis of your kicking each night of the camp.  Talk about on the job training for Olympic Lifting and Running technique breakdowns!!  I’ve been dissecting movement since I was 17 on video 🙂

Booyah.  Let’s Train.



Big Gym, lots of bars and gear!  I’m so proud of our gym!  Enough space and gear to run a 12 barbell Thruster Ladder just like in the Regional Contest held at Puyallup June 2011, the guys did great, top score was Mike Todd with 215!

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June 21st, 2011


Kinda sweet!


In my youth I played soccer quite avidly.  Spent countless hours in my front lawn juggling the ball by my self, or playing pick-up at recess at school, or shooting make believe direct kicks for game winners in the goal that my dad made for me out of 4″ PVC pipe and netting.  Who knew that PVC pipe would have played such an early role in my life 🙂  More installments in my Curriculum Vitae forthcoming!

Welcome to Jesse’s Page!

June 17th, 2011

Hey 🙂  I’m going to be posting here about all things me!  It feels a little weird, I’m not prone to boasting but that’s what web pages are for, so I’m gonna do it!  More details later…   I think I’m going to post a Curriculum Vitae on this site starting from a very young age, to elucidate my geekish up bringing coupled with athletics and a love for learning and knowledge that has shaped me into the Coach that I am today!   I look forward to this prosaic offering!

















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